Mar 142014

Helpful infographics on how to prevent bullying and save our kids from this painful reality.

Parenting Tips on How to prevent bullying

What is and how to prevent bullying. 1 out of 10 drop out of school!

Bullying is an aggressive behavior done to hurt the victim. It can adopt different forms,  social, physical and verbal.

Its consequences can be severe and and life-long lasting. Both victims and agressors will be severely affected on the long-term.

What is bullying? Bullying at school, Types of bullying, Effects of bullying, what can you do?

Learn how to prevent bullying .  It is a serious problem that affects many kids nationwide. 


Bullying facts 1 out of 10 drop out of school due to repeated bullying. Bullying what you need to know and be more than a bystander.

 This type of violence is affecting thousands of children and adolescents countrywide.  Knowing how to detect and how to prevent bullying, we will be able to save thousands of kids from deep suffering and long-lasting consequences.

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