Feb 232014
15 Fun And Learning Science Activities For Kids

Science Activities For Kids martincron / Foter / CC BY-NC   Why are science activities for kids important? These interesting science activities for kids will allow your kids to experiment with different materials that react in surprising ways and learn about how they work. Kids love to explore and experiment. They are natural scientists, exploring how their world works and learning about it through trial […]

Feb 052014
12 Good Family Movies To Enjoy With Your Kids

  Kids often find good family movies fun and entertaining. If they like story and feel attracted to the characters, they may watch the same movie over and over again. Of course, if they can watch their favorite movies accompanied by the family, they joy is double for them. In addition, watching good family movies together with their parents, shows them that their parents value […]

Jan 292014
6 Tasty And Healthy Desserts For Kids

Looking for healthy desserts for kids to try? Here are 6 easy and fun recipes to make delicious healthy desserts for kids. You can prepare them together with your kids and enjoy delicious moments at home. Frozen Yoghurt 1 container (8 oz) fat-free lemon yogurt 2 cups watermelon (remove seeds, cut in cubes) 1 pint fresh strawberries (wash, remove top) 1 banana (peeled and sliced) Mix and blend […]

Jan 282014
EEW BROCCOLI! 5 Tips To Make Healthy Meals For Kids A Hit.

Is it difficult for you to make your child eat any healthy meals for kids? Do you have to negotiate with your son or daughter to make him/her eat the carrots or broccoli? Or does your dog end up getting scraps of veggies after dinner time? If your little one hates eating his/ her vegetables, then you are not the only parent dealing with this! Most kids despise anything […]

Jan 242014
Funny Sayings About Children - If You Need A Good Chuckle

If you need a good chuckle, check out our humorous, cute, and sometimes sarcastic sayings about children. Let the words and images put a wide smile in your face! We all know parenthood is a serious thing,  which is why it is so important to be able to laugh about it from time to time! t A two-year old is kind of like having a blender, but […]

Jan 202014
8 Ways To Use A Chores List For Kids To Get A Little Help Around The House

  Kids can be very lazy when it comes to helping with the house chores, unless you know the right way to assign them responsibilities, that is where chores lists for kids will give you a big hand. Lack of chores charts or lists may lead them to become idle or to engage in non-constructive activities.  How do chores lists for kids help? Chores lists […]

Jan 162014
Stop Yelling! Funny Quotes And Sayings In Honor Of Parents Everywhere

In honor of the daily sacrifices that parents make, we’ve gathered together some of the best phrases about their tough job. Considering that words are not enough sometimes,  we added some lovely images too! We are sure that these funny quotes and sayings will touch your heart and bring a smile on you! Please enjoy our funny quotes and sayings Human beings are the only creatures […]