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Mad Science Invitation 4 Science Activities For Kids
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Why are science activities for kids important?

These interesting science activities for kids will allow your kids to experiment with different materials that react in surprising ways and learn about how they work. Kids love to explore and experiment. They are natural scientists, exploring how their world works and learning about it through trial and error.  These science activities for kids will not only be a source of fun, but also have an educative impact on their lives. You can help your kids to easily find the basic materials that will help them make simple and safe experiments. The following are some of the preschool science activities for kids that will allow them enjoy fun and educative moments:

15 Science Activities For Kids

1. Floating Eggs

Eggs normally sink when submerged in regular water. What can your kid you do to make eggs float? You can give your kid the idea of adding some salt to the water. It will produce some surprising results. This will be a great source of fun for small kids.

2. Melting Chocolate

Permitting your kid to melt chocolate is a great and yummy science activity for kids. It should be done under your constant surveillance and direction. What about the chocolate color? Is it white or dark? Let your child find out this amazing scientific experience!

3. Oil and Water

What happens whenever you try mixing water and oil? Do they really mix? Let your kid find the results while enjoying the fun part of it! Help them put the oil and water into a closed container and get them to shake it well… then see what happens!

Volcano preschool science activities
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4. Vinegar Volcano

Playing with the combination of baking soda and vinegar is an easy and fun experiment for kids. Let your child create a vinegar volcano.

Place the baking soda into a container. Then pour some vinegar into the container and watch what happens when they react together! This science activity for kids can be a very exciting and fun experiment.

5. Boiled or Raw Egg?

You can test your kid’s ability to check whether an egg is already boiled or still raw. For sure, this will be one of the easy science activities for kids that your little kid will never forget, especially because of the surprising results.

Just put it on a hard surface and spin the egg. If it keeps spinning for a while, the egg is cooked. If it only spins a little then stops, the insides are still raw.

6. Bath Salts

Does your kid feel like relaxing and enjoying the warm and calming experience of taking a salty bath? Teach your kid how to do this and enjoy this great experiment, while teaching him/her the hidden science behind the bath salts.

Epsom Salts’ main ingredients are magnesium and sulfate, which are said to help relax and rejuvenate tired muscles. Allow your child to try it out in their bath, watch the salts dissolving and see if they can notice a difference in their bath. Whether or not they can, any excuse for a warm bath is a good one for children!

7. Breeding Bacteria

Get samples from different places before enabling your child to examine how bacteria grow by the process of breeding. This is another great source of fun for kids! Be sure not to touch the bacteria, and dispose of it safely after you have finished this experiment!

8. Dissolving Sugar

Many kids often dissolve sugar in drinks without knowing how it dissolves in water. This can be a good activity for your kid to explore.



9. Making Music

We have several ways of creating lovely music using homemade instruments. This is a good opportunity to prove your kid´s creativity, and at the same time, enjoy music.

 10. Floating Ping-Pong Balls

What happens when your kid combines a hair dryer and a Ping-Pong ball? The amazing forces that interact with the balls can really astound your child!

11. Make a Parachute

Allowing your kids to design and build a parachute can be a great idea that can inspire your child to be a scientist in the future. Exploring the scientific principles to gently lower the object back to the ground can be a very engaging science activity for kids.

12. Blowing Up Balloons

Sit back and relax while you let your kid use baking soda and vinegar´s reaction to blow up a balloon without using breath. This is one of the science activities for kids that will stick in their minds for years to come. For this one, try putting the baking soda into the balloon first, using a funnel and then add the vinegar … you’ll have to tie the knot in the top of the balloon quickly though!

13. Seed Germination

The process of germinating seeds keeps being among the best science activities for kids. Preschoolers get really captivated observing how the process takes place. Let your child watch how the seedlings grow. Tell him/her about the weather conditions that the seeds need to grow. Explain how and why the seeds need other elements such as water, soil and sunlight. Your kid will surely enjoy this home based science experiment.


Easy science activities for kids, Catch the Wave with Science
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14. Balloon Speakers

A balloon filled with air and tightly tied amplifies low sounds into big noises. This is one of the easy science activities for kids that preschoolers really enjoy. Once you have the balloon filled, the game can be great fun – experimenting with all sorts of sounds – like speaking or singing at the balloon, placing it against speakers, and so on. Listen and explore how it amplifies lots of different sounds!

15. Light, Color and Heat

Let your child find out how the sun heats certain colors quicker than others. In addition, find out which materials absorb sun heat at the same time, and which ones reflect more or less light. Put a number of different colored pieces of material or card in the sun, and observe by feeling how each one is hotter or cooler. Is there a common outcome among the various shades of color?


 With the above 15 science activities for kids, you will not only enable your child to appreciate science, but also enhance his/her curiosity and creativity.


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