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strange baby names

Are you looking for a unique and cool name for your unborn baby?

When it’s time to pick a baby´s name, there are two main types of parents:

  • 1. those who want unequalled or strange baby names and
  • 2. those who prefer a common name.

If you have to choose between a likeable and common name on one side,  and one that sounds really odd on the other, think about it twice; the decision will leave a definitive print on your kids’ entire life and for his/her lifetime. However, if you do not want your baby to have a popular name, you do not necessarily need to choose a strange one that may cause him/her future embarrassment; instead, try to come up with a name halfway from both extremes.

If you think it is a good idea to change the spelling of a common name,  you may be wrong too.  That is not advisable since recent research found out that kids with a deviant spelling of a usual name tend to have slowed spelling and diminished reading capabilities. Studies also showed that names that sound as if they came from parents of low socioeconomic status might be tagged as less capable of making achievements. There is also a strong link between a persons name and his/her high or low self-esteem. People who dislike their first name tend to have low self-esteem and that is a proven fact!

101 crazy and strange baby names:

Abass – Aero – Alcamy – Apple – Armani – Assia – Audio – Aurora – Ball – Banjo -Bear – Beretta – Birdie – Blue Ivy -Bogart – Breeze – Bronx – Burger – California – Carrion – Cello – Cricket – Crusoe – Dior – Disney – Egypt – Elite – Emporer – Erie – Espn – Ever – Excel – Fanta – Four – Freedom – Genesis – Goodluck – Goodness – Google – Hamlet – Handsome – Hippo – Ikea – Inny – Inspektor – Jermajesty – Jury – Kartier – Lohan – Luck – Mango – Maple – Mars – Maximum – Merkaba – Messer – Midnight – Miracle – Money – Moroccan – Mowgli – Moxie – North West – Patch – Pepsi – Perseus – Phoenix – Pilot – Pinky – Popeye – Poppy – Pretty – Princeten – Prosper – Pryce – Puma – Puppy – Purdy – Racer – Rainbow – Rambo – Rebel – Rocket – Rocky -Sailor – Sanity – Science – Seven – Shady – Sirius – Sparrow – Stonie – Tea – Tru – Vader – Vegas – Victory – Vogue – Winter – Yoga – Zealand.

It seems that celebrities are extremely creative when it comes to naming their babies. However, nowadays they  have taken the concept of choosing unusual baby names to a whole new level. From Cricket and Audio Science to North West and Bear, it seems that when some celebrities just don’t get enough attention due to their work and talent, at least they get some publicity from choosing strange baby names for their kids.

If parents name their kids after fruits and flowers, locations or gibberish, it could even be considered as a mild form of child abuse. Recently,  a judge in Tennessee ordered a mother to change the name of her son from “Messiah” to “Martin”. He was concerned that the child could have to face bullying for having a name with such a strong religious connotation.

The name you choose for your child can affect his/her reputation at work,  his/her social life, and even his/her success with the opposite sex. So,  please choose wisely and be aware that strange baby names or odd baby names can have a long lasting impact on individuals, even decades beyond childhood. Think thoroughly before chosing strange baby names for your kids!

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